The sliding door dampers have a lot of technological value
added in order to ensure that we meet the high standards,
set by our customers.

We produce standard models, which with the aid of
specially manufactured additional parts fit ideally into
the certain profiles of our customers.

Furthermore all dampers are being tested to 100% and are
equipped with serial numbers. The dampers are produced
in a certain amount of time, which may vary depending on
the numbers and special needs of our customers.

The dampers are then processed and shipped on a pallet
or via parcel service if required. It is also an option for the
customer to assign a transportation agency to pick up the
products from the production site.

The manufacturing process
- Molding
- Testing of the plastic parts
- Mounting the assembly
- 100% testing of the assembled parts
- Labelling
- pre-delivery inspection
- shipping and handling