The Lengersdorf Limited has their headquarters
and production site in an ancient mill since 1979.
The production site then has been completely
renovated in order to enable high tech precision
plastic manufacturing.

In the first decades of operations, the company focused on
manufacturing parts for tape decks in the automotive industry.

From 1991 onwards, the company also manufactured elas-
tomere parts for DVD and CD drives. Since quality standards
have always been high at Lengersdorf Limited, already back
then 100% of manufactured products were checked with state
of the art technology.

Since 2005 the new production line of sliding door dampers
was introduced to the market. Because of the year long expe-
rience in the plastic manufacturing business and the continu-
ously high quality standards the sliding door dampers soon
became a success. With the aid of their excellent Lengersdorf
Limited research and development department it has been
possible to offer unique, custom fit solutions to the customers
and to frequently come up with new solutions in the sliding
door damping business.